Wake Up Session 27th April 2019

Over a thousand fans of local Mauritian street dance gathered for another Wake Up Session held on Saturday the 27th of April at Port Louis Waterfront. The street dance event which is going on very strongly since 2010 have gathered 80 participants in three different dance battle categories :

  1. 1 Vs 1 Breaking
  2. 1 Vs 1 Afro Dance
  3. 1 Vs 1 Hip Hop All Style


Winners of this edition were :

  1. ‘BBoy Louzy’ in Breaking Category
  2.  Double Champion, Zimbabwean ‘Rayaaz Mushina’ in Afro Dance and Hip Hop All Style Category


Judges for this contest were :

Breaking category : BBoy Yung J | Dom – K | Patrick Hoareau

All Style : As T | PopShot | D-Monn Ley

Afro dance : Ty Rap | Dimaika | Lionel

Dj’s on the Mix : DJ Nas- T and Selekta Nathy

Emcee: Kenjee Kennedy


There will be more Wake Up Sessions this year, says Kenjee Kennedy, in August and December.

We are all awaiting this impatiently!

You can follow or contact Wake Up Session on their Facebook page should you want to participate in the upcoming events and projects by Wake Up Entertainment. 


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