Our mission is  to empower youths through dance, giving them core values such as discipline, self determination, motivation and defeat acceptance through a valorizing, healthy and fun activity.

Our Vision is to create champions, build a solid regional and African dance platform where we can create our own competitions and workshops.

For the story………Wake Up!!!! Back in 2009, Kenjee, won a Rap Competition and got the chance to attend the Urban Konection Festival in Reunion Island where he was introduced to dance battles at an international level.

Kenjee fell completely for the dance battles and after being invited for a second edition in 2010, he came back to the Island to found WAKE UP SESSION, a dance battle event in the hope to wake up dance battle culture in Mauritius too.

Wake Up Entertainment was registered later that year and it has been a great adventure since. With over 100 events organized for clients such as Orange Telecom, Malta Guinness or Ministry of Youth, as well as their own Wake Up Sessions, Kenjee has surrounded himself with several Hip-Hop passionate like him and they have altogether been promoting the culture ever since.