Are you looking for dance artists to perform a show for your event or are you looking for a music and video producer for your works ? Here below are some services we currently provide:


  1. Sound design for your games & video projects
  2. Beat-making – produce an original music track for singers/rappers or for your film.
  3. Field audio recording for your video and event works.
  4. Consultancy for beginners who want to start recording & producing music.
  5. Private Courses – Sound design & music making and mixing for beginners.


  1. Music & Dance videos
  2. Short videos / Adverts
  3. Rent a cameraman – Last minute, you need a videographer / photographer to collaborate on works you have contracted?! We can provide you with talented photo / video nerds to help you out finish your job, coming fully equipped if needed with lights, smoke machine, backdrops, Ronin-S and Mirrorless Cameras.


  1. Organization of your events (Your branded urban events)
  2. Dance Artist Management – Provide dance shows for your events

Brand Promotion: (through sponsoring)

  1. Promote your brand on our Wake Up Sessions and other video projects.