Danse 2 RI – Street Dance Documentary

DANSE 2 RI, is a short film documentary written filmed and produced by Mauritian artist Kenjee Kennedy.

 The film was produced in 2013 and was uploaded to be streamed free on youtube. A symbolic limited edition of 100 DVDs were as well produced and was sold amongst closest fans. 

The main purpose of this short movie is education about Hip-Hop  dance so that the public attending our shows can more understand & appreciate the different street dance genres hosted on Wake Up Sessions, street dance contests that Kenjee organizes.

The film is 24 minutes long where several Mauritian and Reunion Island Hip Hop artists were filmed to explain the different kind of dance that exists in Hip-Hop culture.

Though Hip-Hop is widely known on an international scale, many still do not know that there are several genres in Hip-Hop dance as well as several international dance competitions.

Hip-Hop dance is not just a fashion or trend. For many it is much more, a culture a way of living, Mauritius Island too there are many who live the art as a whole culture.

The most commonly known  Hip-Hop dance is Breakdance, where general public take it more as an acrobatic form of dance. ( in reference to the headspins, airflares and other powermoves)

The movie brings forward the beginning of this culture and introduces the main artists who have made this art popular across the world. It presents you to debout genres as well such as popping, locking and most of the dance genres that forms part of HipHop dance. 

Watch this movie completely to become an expert in HipHop dance  culture! 


Danse 2 Ri- Un documentaire sur les danses de rue à l’ile Maurice

Danse 2 Ri est un documentaire sur les danses Hip-hop afin de partager avec la population Mauricienne la culture des danses de rue.

Le Hip Hop étant encore méconnu à l’Ile Maurice  même si depuis 2010 nous avons souvent des compétitions de danse de rue, la population en générale ne connaissent pas l’existence de cette culture sur l’ile et encore moins son histoire.

‘Danse 2 Ri’ vous explique les différents genres de danses que compose la culture du Hip Hop. Ici à l’Ile Maurice nous avons des danseurs qui pratiquent plusieurs disciplines tel que le Popping, le Locking, le New Style, le House ainsi que le Break dance.

La danse Hip Hop n’est pas que acrobatique comme beaucoup à l’Ile Maurice le pense. C’est une forme de danse ayant plusieurs fondations et qui est jugé d’après des critères bien précis.

Cet documentaire réalisée par Kenjee Kennedy, un passionné de la culture Hip Hop et producteur en audiovisuel ici à l’Ile Maurice, vous permettra de mieux comprendre cette culture et les fameux battles ‘ duel de danse’ qui est souvent organise par la Wake Up Session.