Battle de l’Ouest

Battle de l’Ouest is an Indian Ocean Break Dance championship created by Soul City in Reunion Island.



The event was created in 2004 and has hosted 8 editions since its creation thanks to Bboy Shany and his team behind pushing forward the Reunion island together with the Indian Ocean Hip Hop dance. kenjee and shany hiphop ocean indien

Photo of BBoy Shany ( right) and Kenjee Kennedy ( left) during Mauritian qualifications of Battle de l’Ouest in 2011.


Qualifications are held in each participating countries and the final is held at Reunion island where each winner of respective countries come fight for the Indian Ocean Champion title.


Since 2011, Wake Up Session has been representing Battle de l’Ouest in Mauritius, and has created a platform that allows Mauritian Dancers to go to Reunion island to participate on each edition.