Show Trailers

You will find some video trailer of shows we have done :

Wake Up Caudan 2015

Wake Up Session at Cascavelle (April 2013)

Battle de l’Ouest Mauritian qualifications (2013)

Wake Up Session ( February 2013 at Caudan )

Mauritian Island Hiphop at Caudan

Street dance at UOM

First Wake Up video

<strong>Wake Up Session 2010 – Phoenix les Halles</strong>

<strong>Wake Up Session 2011 – Caudan Waterfront </strong>

<strong>Wake Up Session 2012- Battle de l’Ouest Mauritius Qualifications</strong>

<strong>Wake Up Session 2013 – Cascavelle </strong>

<strong>Battle de l’Ouest 2013 – Mauritius Qualifications on Wake Up Session </strong>