Mixtapes / Productions

Our first step into home music studio production was in 2006  and created a label called ‘Taffbonglab Prod‘. Until 2010 we have produced several digital music projects and collaborated with many artists. Projects since 2011 are produced under our companu name Wake Up Entertainment

Forever Riddim – Music Instrumental by Kenjee Kennedy (in 2010)


  • Kolt’art Mix 2008


The first collaboration in production of a Music Album project, recorded in TaffBongLab studio and produced at Lion Zo Records in 2007/2008. This project was realized with a German DJ Dreadsound Selekta that was on tour in Mauritius and featured several rappers from Rap crews such  as Section Kolt’Art, UNK and Union Tribal Clan, namely Marki Evolution, CenZo, Justice, Daddy NC, Jazzy Fredo, Kenjee Kennedy, ARA, Lion Zo and Mordikiss.

This project was produced on CD and sold during the sound system ‘Kolt’art Live’ organized in 2008 in Residence Kennedy and on Weekly platform at Indside Club Rose Hill.

A song from the Kolt’art Mix :

  • Kolt’art Tape. 2009


After the Kolt’Art Mix experience, Taffbonglab Prod produced another musical album called Kolt’Art Tape where Charles Baudelaire Institute (now IFM) financed it’s edition in 2009.

The project comprised 24 music tracks of which were included some Hit songs of the Kolt’art Mix music album. Songs for the Kolt’Art Tape features Rappers from the previous Kolt’Art Mix project.
A song that featured on the Kolt’art Tape

  • WU TEAM CD & DVD 2013

    img_2457-1Under the label Wake Up Entertainment, this project Featured Dancehall artist Neguson and Rap Artist Marki Evolution, this project  was recorded and produced through 2011 and 2012 and consists of a CD Musical album comprising 11 music tracks and a DVD containing music clips and videos of dance battles.

A song that featured on the Mixtape – WU TEAM CD & DVD

DISS TAPE – 2014

wu-team-rap-mauricien-ile-mauriceDISS Tape was an Album available only for Download and was produced in 2013.It was named Diss Tape since the project started from a ‘Diss’ commonly called Rap Clash  against another local Rapper.

Many tracks were recorded during this rap clash episode, several other songs were recorded by emerging rappers.  The album consisted of 23 tracks featuring several rappers such as: Black Dragon, Joker, PopShot, Transporter, Marki Evolution, Kas-T, Neguson and Kenjee kennedy

A song that featured on the DISS TAPE

Danse 2 RI – DVD film about street dance

img_2455-1Danse 2 RI  is a 24 minutes film documentary explaining about different hiphop dance genres that forms part of the Hip Hop culture. The film features several Reunion Island Hip Hop events organizers such as BBoy Stan (BBS International) and BBoy Shany( Battle de L’Ouest) as well as Hip Hop teacher Kanak. BBoy Tiger, Popshot, Yung J, Far-Out, Redstar, Joker and Nicky Negus are other Mauritian artists that figured on this film.



Kiltir Lari – Show about Street Dance

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