Games Sound design

We currently work with a French based video games company named ‘Playtouch HTML5 Games’ who has established a studio here in Mauritius since 2014. Our main activity is to produce their Music and sound design for the games they continuously release on different platforms on the web each month.

Here below you will find several mobile games for Android and iOS developed by Playtouch in 2017 and on which we have collaborated to produce the Music and Sound design.

You will find Download links in the video description.

  1. Stickman Fighter Mega Brawl
  1. New game by PLAYTOUCH : Stickman Fighter : Mega Brawl Play it on Also Available on iOS & Android. Direct download from stores here: Android:… iOS:…

2. Army Of Soldiers Team Battle

New game by PLAYTOUCH : Kung Fu Fight : Beat ’em up

Play it on

Also available on Android & iOS



3. Tank Battle War Commander

4. Super Wrestler Slap Fury

5. Boxing Fighter Super Punch

6. Kung Fu Fight Beat Em UP

7.  Plumber World

8. Mini Fighters Death Battles

9. Pony Ride with Obstacles

10. La Bataille – Cards game

11. Pony run magic Trails