Wake Up Session National Qualification.

Fans of Street dance behold the date and venue! Saturday 19th of May, 13hr at Plaza Esplanade, Rose Hill.

Wake Up Session, a popular street dance event since 2010 is hosting a National qualification to select break-dancers to participate on the 09th edition of the Indian Ocean Breakdance championship known as Battle de l’Ouest.

The qualification will be carried out in a 2 vs 2 Breakdance battle contest and the winning duo will be offered their Air ticket and all facilities to represent our Island on the Indian Ocean Breakdance finals at Téat Plein Air, St Gilles Reunion Island on the 24th of November 2018.

Mauritius will compete against countries such as South Africa, Mayotte, Seychelles, Reunion Island, Madagascar and Rodrigues for this 09th of edition.

A team of Professional dancers and a DJ from Reunion Island will be in Mauritius as of 16th of May to provide workshops and Judge the competition.

Besides the National qualification of 2vs2 Breakdance contest, there will also be several other dance genres contests. Here below are listed some other dance contests taking place on the 19th of May :

  • 1 vs 1 Hip Hop New Style
  • Afro Dance Battle
  • Krump Battle
  • Dancehall Battle
  • Popping Battle.

Dancers who wish to participate are invited to fill in the registration form found on the facebook page Wake Up Session or email to mauritiushiphop@gmail.com

This National qualification has been possible through the Support of Municipality of Beau Bassin Rose Hill and Malta Guinness.


The event is free, so bring your family to watch incredible dance moves! Saturday 19th MAY as from 13hr up to 16hr at Plaza esplanade Rose Hill.


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